Our vision

How it all began

The ambitious project began in 2016 with co-founders Sandra Kappner and Anette Krohmer, who developed a training to become ear therapist. This was aimed at specialists in the areas of audiology, speech therapy and ENT medicine. Up to this date, they have successfully recruited over 300 professionals and trained them to become ear therapists.

Great need exists

Due to the variety of auditory processing disorders and the different Specialization of professions in the field of ear care, there is currently a need of hearing aid audiologists, ENT doctors and speech therapists as a suitable contact person for those affected by specific hearing disorders such as auditory processing and perception disorders, chronic tinnitus and hyperacusis to name some. The existing hearing solutions and Therapies cannot cover all needs.

Closing the gap with the solutions by Kog. Kon. Company

Hearing aid audiologists mainly take care of the treatment of hearing loss by fitting hearing aids and barely have to deal with other hearing disorders. ENT doctors diagnose, but do not treat chronic hearing disorders. Speech therapists focus on language and voice training as well as reading and spelling disorders. Some might treat children with auditory processing disorders when specialized.

None of these professionals offer a therapie specifically tailored to the needs of to those affected. On top of that, there is no specialized work equipment on the market for efficient implementation of hearing therapy.

We- the  Kog.Kon. Company now cover this need and offer a holistic solutions and therapy options for ear therapists, audiologists, ENT Doctors, speech therapists, occupational therapists and research partners.

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